Therapeutic Thai Massage sessions can be either exclusively or a mix of:

A typical full body Thai Massage is a two-plus hour treatment of bodywork that can be modified to extend to three hours or be reduced to an hour to focus on a specifically injured area.

If you have chronic pain injuries and scar tissue adhesions from injuries, stronger techniques from the Blind Thai Massage Style will have to be incorporated at some point. It is not always pleasant, but quite rewarding.

Doing the Chiang Mai Style first can ease the overall experience of receiving the deep bodywork of the Blind Thai Massage Style.

For pricing and other information about treatments, please consult the "What To Expect" page.

What To Expect

To learn more about strategies and techniques for injury rehabilitation, please to the "Injury Rehabiitation" page.

Injury Rehabilitation

To learn more about Thai Massage treatments, please go to the "Thai Massage Theory" page.

Thai Massage Theory

For more information on my technical background, see the "In-Depth" page.

In-Depth Page

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Google+ Reviews:

"I have been suffering from Ankle pain and stiffness for 7 years now. I have tried all pain killers, seen many podiatrists, Got custom Orthotics, and the Kaiser Orthopedic staff. With only four sessions with Dan, I began to notice the difference. I was off the NSAID and was able to walk without a limp. One great thing about Dan is he takes his business very seriously. Not only would he provide you the 1 hour time for body and tissue work, He also takes time to teach you the rehab yoga moves that you do on your own when you are home. This combination helps out your healing process immensely." -Name Withheld

"After graduating from college two years ago, I was suffering from tremendous pain. Almost every part of my body was affected by pain: my legs, hips, buttocks, back, neck, and arms. I had really abused myself at a pretty incompetent martial art school where the instructors made us do some very self-destructive practices. In fact, one time a teacher stood on me as I was stretching and tore numerous muscles that never healed properly. I went to several specialists to deal with the problem: neurologists, rheumatologists, and neurosurgeons. None of them were able to help me since all my tests came back negative, and it was suggested that I see a psychiatrist since, according to their tests, there was no reason for me to have pain. Luckily after much desperation, I found my old Kung Fu and Kick Boxing teacher, Daniel Carr. I had studied Muay Thai, the Thailand style of kick boxing, with Daniel long before my bad experience in martial arts and turned to him for guidance on how to cope with this situation. Luckily, Dan is not only a superb martial artist, but he is also a very experienced Thai massage therapist. Within a few sessions I finally experienced the pain relief that no one could provide me, except for Dan. After several months, I no longer experienced the horrible pain that plagued me before I saw Dan." -Evan